Dr. Rashmi Chury
BDS (Man), MDJF RCS (Lon), MFDS RCS (Ed),
IHD (The Christie), DSFH (CPHT), HPD (UK)
AfSFH, NCH (reg), BSCAH, CNHC (reg)

Hi there. I am Dr Rashmi. Thank you for looking at my website.

I am a qualified solution-focused clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and holistically minded dentist based in the UK, offering global online services. Being in a unique position, I am privileged to be able to blend solution focused hypnotherapy with educational aspects of oral and holistic health care. I also help to train students for the accredited British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH).

I help clients to create lasting positive change in their lives within a relatively short space of time. I offer a broad range of services ranging from anxiety and stress management, IBS, phobias, addictions, relationships, confidence building, public speaking, pain management, weight management and much more.

Originally, I learnt hypnotherapy skills to find effective, medication-free coping methods for grief, overcome exam stress, and to gain confidence in public speaking, performing on stage and on camera; and to help family, friends and colleagues with relaxation.
Hypnotherapy has helped tremendously in coping through many difficult experiences in life, and I can personally vouch for the lasting positive changes that it produces.

I was compelled to set up my hypnotherapy business in a response to Covid-19, wishing to help people globally through the devastating effects of the pandemic. I studied further during Lockdown, whilst working for the National Test & Trace Government initiative.
Empathising with fellow health care professionals, I am keen to help clients manage their stress levels more effectively.

As a dentist, I have empathetically treated people from all walks of life. I have served within the NHS and private sectors as a dentist for over 25 years, and am a keen, active advocate of delivery of preventative healthcare, in an eco-sustainable manner.  My plans include continuing to actively participate in global charity work, especially helping the homeless, and orphaned children.
My vast experience includes helping countless extremely nervous and phobic patients, in various environments including emergency dental service, and general dental practice settings.
I especially welcome motivated hypnotherapy clients who would like help to overcome dental anxieties and phobias, jaw clenching and bruxism (tooth grinding), and also overcome addictions including smoking and drugs.

I am a keen advocate of hypnotherapy, knowing that clients can experience the benefits for themselves, and clearly see the positive impact in their lives.
As a solution focused hypnotherapist, I gently guide others to quickly overcome struggles, realise their dreams, resolve problems, and achieve their goals to lead happier lives.

What do you dream of achieving ?

Contact me and let’s get you moving forward. I look forward to meeting you!