Thank you for visiting this page, and congratulations on taking the first step on your new journey! Here at Lakshmi Hypnotherapy we listen to your concerns empathetically, and work professionally in partnership with you towards achieving your individual aims and goals. Whatever you are struggling with, we are here to help you to find and focus on solutions that match you, creating your choice of lasting positive change.

How Solution Focused

Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnotherapy is a well established form of therapy, that utilises the power of suggestion within a trance state to benefit clients. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy combines various Internationally recognised techniques including aspects of CBT, NLP and psychotherapy with hypnotherapy, together with the latest global neuroscientific research. The result is a highly effective, evidence based modern form of hypnotherapy, that is equipped to successfully help to treat a wide range of conditions; some of which are described on our services page .