Hypnotherapeutic-Coaching Packages

Calling all Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Are you feeling stuck in your work, and passionately wanting to fulfil your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Are you already starting out and eager to reach the next level in your business?

BUT struggle with a

  • lack of sleep?
  • lack of focus?
  • lack of confidence?

Don’t worry, help is at hand!

We now provide bespoke Hypnotherapeutic Coaching packages for business focused and personal development coaching to reach new levels of performance and achievement.

We help clients especially to:
overcome insomnia
improve focus
Increase confidence

The benefits of taking this course can include the following :

  • restful sleep
  • clarity and focus
  • improved ability in problem solving
  • increased confidence in decision making and taking action
  • more time and freedom to focus on building your business
  • increased sales performance
  • healthier work/life balance

Be a happier, healthier and more successful version of you

Hi I am Dr Rashmi

I have served as a general dentist for over 25 years in the UK. I first studied hypnotherapy in 2007 to combat the effects of professional and personal stress in a natural and healthy way. I learnt fast and effective relaxation skills to also help my family members and colleagues.
Learning hypnotherapy helped to transform my life by enabling me to process grief, pass postgraduate dental exams, overcome chronic stress-related health conditions (without medications), PTSD that was partly related to road traffic accidents; and a paralysing fear of public speaking. I saw first hand how much self hypnosis helped me, and knew without doubt how hypnotherapy can massively benefit others.

As for so many others, my life was turned upside down as the pandemic struck. I was made redundant  as dental practices closed for Lockdown. As fear gripped the world, I took the opportunity to train in solution focused hypnotherapy, so that I could be ready to help others to cope better with life through the pandemic.

Hypnotherapy training helped me as I shifted from a survival mindset (that had served me extremely well), to one of thriving as I developed personal resilience. It helped me to stay calm and confident. I focused on studying and helping my clients; and this reinforced my motivation, confidence, and resilience to start my own online hypnotherapy business, despite stressful situations all around me.

My path unfolded as I invested further in developing my business by taking Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins’ online marketing course, and I met many other like-minded global entrepreneurs who became trusted friends. Combining business with hypnotherapy skills was a winning formula to propel my business success together.

My life transformed very quickly as amazing opportunities appeared within months. I was honoured to be invited as a tutor for healthcare professionals on the foundation medical hypnosis course led by the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis. I was again honoured to be a guest speaker presenting a talk on sleep for BSCAH and this was promoted on the website of the Royal Society of Medicine.

I am now also back in my role as a general dental practitioner, with hypnodontistry skills to help especially nervous patients and have provided relaxation sessions for the staff members.

I originally joined the marketing course to focus on all my standard hypnotherapy services. However on meeting other entrepreneurs and hearing the common struggles, it became clear where my new  ‘dot’ lay. I really wanted to help other entrepreneurs on their journey of personal and business growth.

I am especially keen to help ethical and socially conscious entrepreneurs transform their lives. My goal is that all those I help, will in turn be personally benefited, and motivated to help many others, by forming a cascade of wide-reaching positive and lasting global impact, on this generation and those of the future.

If this sounds like you, please contact us now.

Case Study :

RL was starting up his business during the first lockdown during the pandemic. He clearly lacked confidence and was very introverted. He regularly procrastinated and felt overwhelmed.
After a course of hypnotherapy coaching sessions R gained confidence, his business gathered momentum despite multiple Lockdowns, and he started to network, became more sociable, and even found a business partner for further planned projects.
His joy in developing his business was becoming more and more evident and he even gained enough confidence and motivation to give up smoking!
He is now contracted as a freelancer in his chosen field, with a globally known company, and is looking forward excitedly towards the future!

Testimonials :

“I needed some assistance in quitting smoking and, although sceptical, I decided to try hypnotherapy. After sessions…. I felt much more equipped to take control. Lakshmi has also provided me with motivational material which has been a great help in my professional life too. I needed to interrupt a 20 a day smoking habit. Well, I’m happy to say that, 7 weeks after my hypnotherapy session, I’m still on the wagon and looking forward to week no 8 being smoke free!
I also took the opportunity to go through confidence building sessions too as I’m now entering the world of freelance. Once again, Lakshmi’s sessions made a big impact and I’m eager to get started…”

“A perfectly soothing voice for therapy,….My intention and result was to improve sleep, and I slept way better that night.
I also resolved a problem that I had been mentally working on all day during the session; interesting how the relaxed mind solves problems. Highly recommend for relaxation/sleep or productivity/ breakthrough sessions”.

“(Dr) Rashmi is one of a kind! Her hypnosis sessions help me manage stress and take me to ultimate relaxation that I didn’t know I could do! Rashmi is incredibly talented. She was born to do this work! And her love of people shows through! I very much recommend her sessions to all my friends and family and anyone who needs true rest and relaxation!”

“(Dr) Rashmi is an exceptional expert. I joined several of her sessions which were very helpful, with straight forward results, and a powerful impact on how my body was able to turn the switch from stress mode to a relief mode. Rashmi is a caring person when it comes to her clients well-being and what they are struggling with. She even dedicated a full 30 min recording session to help me during Covid to sleep perfectly and help my body recover faster. Dedicating time to her session and playing full out is what will make anyone get the results they want. Her sessions are a MUST for every person who want to be successful and set their brain for the best version of themselves.”

“(We) also sleep soundly for 8 hours with some problem solving resolutions in the morning. This isn’t my first experience with hypnotherapy but definitely the best!! I highly recommend Lakshmi Hypnotherapy to anyone who is thinking about a different holistic way to relax, resolve disharmony or projects in their life.”

We will help to guide you so that you can unlock your own resources and unleash your potential.

  • Learn valuable new skills for your life journey
  • Build your business and engage with a caring community of like minded entrepreneurs
  • Prime your mind for success and become unstoppable!

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