About me

I am Dr Rashmi Chury

reg AfSFH  reg NCH reg CHNC  m BSCAH

I am a registered solution-focused clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and holistically minded dentist based in the UK. I hold enhanced DBS verification for your full peace of mind. 

As a dentist for over 25 years, I have been treating patients of all ages and backgrounds, in different settings including emergency dental, and general dental practice.
I have treated highly nervous and phobic patients on a regular basis. 

I was drawn to set up my own  hypnotherapy business in a response to Covid-19, to help people globally through the devastating effects of the pandemic, especially health care workers.
I updated my medical hypnosis skills during Lockdown, to become a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and studied website design and marketing.

My Vision

Using hypnotherapy I gently guide clients to quickly overcome fears, struggles, realise their dreams, resolve problems, and achieve their goals to lead happier lives more fulfilled lives.

I offer a unique service as a solution focused hypnotherapist/ psychotherapist/ dentist and entrepreneur; being able to draw and offer insights from across these fields to help my clients.

I coined the term Hypnotherapeutic Coaching in 2021 partly in commemoration to celebrate 180 years of the term hypnosis being coined, and partly to distinguish hypnotherapy based coaching by
licensed hypnotherapists for public awareness.

Please enquire for more information
via my other website PrimeYourMindForSuccess.com.

What my clients say

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