Fears & Phobias

Are phobias holding you back from enjoying your life?
Many people suffer from overwhelming fear and phobias that can severely hinder their quality of life.
Phobias may be classed as simple, that start in childhood or adolescence; or complex, that start in adulthood.

The 10 most common phobias in the UK include:

  • heights (acrophobia) with upto 60% of the population being either very afraid or even a little afraid,
  • fear of public speaking (glossophobia) 20%
  • snakes (ophidophobia) 52%,
  • flying (aerophobia) 24%
  • spiders 18%(arachnophobia),
  • crowds/ being outdoors approximately 15% (agoraphobia),
  • clowns 12% (coulrophobia),
  • enclosed spaces 10% (claustrophobia),
  • Mice and rats 9% (musophobia),
  • the dark 5% (nyctophobia).


Sufferers may feel anxious or panicky even thinking about the source. This is known as anticipatory anxiety (Yougov and NHS).
The good news is that hypnotherapy can successfully help clients to overcome their phobias within a few sessions.

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