Do you regularly feel a deep sense of sadness and hopelessness?

Are you struggling with a severe lack of energy, motivation and lack of interest in what you normally enjoy?

You may be feeling depressed or have been diagnosed by your GP as having clinical depression. There is no single cause for depression and it can occur for a variety of reasons and has many triggers affecting people across all walks of life.

The circumstances may range from illness, relationship breakups, redundancy, finances, and follow on from  other stressful events including postnatal depression (which can affect 1 in 10 women within the first year of giving birth, also affecting fathers and partners) and bereavement. Trauma and chronic or life threatening illnesses such as patients suffering from heart attacks and cancer, can predispose to depression.

Certain personality traits may contribute such as low self esteem, as well as genetics affecting mood regulation, and a family history (NHS.UK). A GP may wish to exclude medical conditions such as anaemia and vitamin D deficiency.

Medication and referral to counselling services may also be required depending on the individual circumstances and prove beneficial.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can provide excellent results in treating clients suffering from depression with or without medication. CBT and psychotherapy incorporated with hypnotherapy has been proved to provide successful outcomes in a relatively short space of time.

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